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Santa Clarita Air Conditioning Repair Services

With the hot summers in the Santa Clarita area, it is never good to come home expecting it to be cool and comfortable, only to be hit with a wall of heat instead. In Santa Clarita, you must know who to call when your air conditioner is acting up.

With more than three decades of combined professional HVAC experience, our certified technicians at Hilo Aire can find the issue and have your air conditioner back up and running fast! We service, repair, and maintain most brands of AC equipment, so you can trust our professional air conditioning repair services. We offer air conditioning repair throughout Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and parts of Ventura County.

Has your air conditioner stopped working? Call Hilo Aire today at (888) 445-6247 or contact us online for fast, professional residential and commercial AC repair services in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas!

Reliable Residential and Commercial AC Repair Services in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Parts of Ventura County

At Hilo Aire, your comfort is our priority. No matter the Santa Clarita AC repair service you need, you can rest assured that we’ll respond quickly to your call, helping you get your home back to your desired comfort level. Our Santa Clarita HVAC expert technicians are highly trained, experienced, and equipped, meaning we can service all types of air conditioning systems and every make and model of equipment.

Our AC repair services in Santa Clarita include but are not limited to:

  • AC repairs
  • System replacement
  • AC tune-up services
  • Heat pump services
  • AC Freon leaks
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Mini split AC systems

Our service technicians rely on the latest HVAC technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior residential and commercial AC repair services. If you’re a Santa Clarita resident searching for “AC repair services near me,” your search ends here. At Hilo Aire, our NATE-certified AC technicians are fully trained to perform professional AC repairs for all brands and models of air conditioners.

Types of Air Conditioners We Service

At Hilo Aire, we repair and maintain many residential and commercial air conditioner types, including, but not limited to:

  • Split systems: This system is the most common commercial system. It utilizes ductwork consisting of an indoor evaporator system and an outdoor condensing unit.
  • Ductless mini-splits: Instead of ducts, these units use an indoor unit mounted to the wall or ceiling.
  • Packaged Systems: Packaged units use ductwork similarly to a split system. However, both the condenser and evaporator are housed outside within a single unit.
  • Evaporative cooler systems: Also known as “swamp coolers,” evaporative cooling systems are often popular in dry climates and eliminate heat using evaporation. These units are typically located on the roof and resemble split systems.
  • Window and floor model systems: Window and floor model ACs are designed to cool single rooms or a specific area of your home or business.

Contact Hilo Aire to learn more about our services and request your FREE estimate today!

Santa Clarita Air Conditioning Repair Services

Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Are you considering repairing your older AC or getting a new one? Here are the most common reasons for AC repair:

1. No cool air

If you’re not getting any air, it could be a problem with your blower fan. But if the air isn’t cooled, it could be an air filter or evaporator coil that needs cleaning.

2. Poor airflow

If you’re getting some air but not the amount you’re used to, your ducts are likely to blame. You could be losing some cooled air to a leaky duct, or something in your ductwork is impeding your airflow.

3. Longer cooling times

If your AC is taking longer than usual to cool your home, call in our HVAC repair technicians to take a look and fix the issue.

4. Unusual noises

All AC units frequently make some noise, but if you’re hearing something new, abrupt, or uncomfortably loud, call our Santa Clarita AC repair experts asap!

5. Strange odors

A burning smell from your vents in the summertime usually means a problem with your unit, and you must have it checked.

6. Frequent cycling

Short cycling usually results from a faulty compressor. If you had your AC installed recently, have an expert check if the unit is too big for your home.

7. Accumulation of moisture

Because cooling air requires condensation, you may sometimes get an accumulation of mold and mildew growth in your ductwork or around your unit.

8. Faulty thermostat

Is your AC not cooling to the desired temperature? Your thermostat may be to blame. Call an HVAC specialist if you can’t seem to get it to work as it should.

9. Reduced indoor air quality

Are you noticing a decline in your home’s indoor air quality? Consider subscribing to routine AC maintenance to combat this issue, especially if you have an older AC.

If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, quit searching for “AC repair near me” and contact Hilo Aire for the best AC repair Santa Clarita offers!

Call our Santa Clarita AC repair specialists at (888) 445-6247 today if your AC isn’t working as it should. Avoiding an AC repair service call may result in a small issue turning into costly repairs or an expensive AC replacement.

Is it Worth Repairing My Air Conditioner?

When your AC breaks down, there are several options you might consider unless you want to brave the Santa Clarita summer heat without air conditioning. You could either call for AC repairs or consider replacing the entire unit. While repair might initially seem more cost-effective, it’s more expensive in the long run in the following situations:

» Your AC is older than ten years.

An AC unit usually survives for 10 to 15 years, depending on its use and maintenance. Once an AC is over ten years old, it’s in the range where replacing it is usually cost-effective. Also, remember that as your AC ages, its mechanical parts can become hard to find or obsolete over time. If you aren’t able to replace a broken component, you will need to purchase a new unit.

» It needs one repair after another

If you’re getting regular AC tune-ups from the qualified technicians at Hilo Aire, your AC should not be experiencing breakdowns during the summer. Frequent breakdowns mean frequent repairs and the repair cost can quickly add up. Our Santa Clarita AC repair team is always willing to come in and get your AC back in working order, but if your AC has multiple breakdowns despite regular maintenance, you should start preparing for an AC replacement.

» Your energy bills are increasing

Unless there are significant changes in your energy use, your power bill should stay around the same, fluctuating for heating and AC season. If your monthly bill is noticeably increasing, it might be time for a new air conditioner.

Higher energy bills can signify that your air conditioner is malfunctioning or losing efficiency. Energy bills often increase as an AC ages, so the two issues can be related. A high energy bill occasionally isn’t a cause for alarm. However, if your energy bills start skyrocketing and don’t come down, it might be time to get a new A/C.

» Your unit requires R-22 freon

Following the American Freon ban of 2020, ACs that utilize the banned substance have become significantly more expensive to service and maintain as Freon becomes increasingly scarce. If you suspect your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life, contact us today! Our experienced HVAC technicians at Hilo Aire can help you find the right air conditioner for your budget and home’s cooling needs.

How Do I Know If My AC is Beyond Repair?

Even with proper maintenance, you may reach a point where your AC isn’t functioning well enough to keep your Santa Clarita home comfortable during the summer.

A new AC doesn’t have to be an unexpected purchase. By keeping tabs on the performance of your system, you can know when it’s time to start preparing for an AC replacement service. Sure, we know that a new AC is an expensive purchase and a massive investment. However, a new air conditioning unit will eliminate the constant repair costs, lower your power bills, and make your home more comfortable.

Benefits to Hiring a Professional AC Repair Company

Regular preventative maintenance is key to keeping your AC working flawlessly. However, if the inevitable occurs and you need urgent air conditioning repair in Santa Clarita, the ideal action would be to contact an AC repair expert. So, why do you need to hire a professional HVAC contractor for AC repairs in Santa Clarita? Here are some reasons why you should hire an experienced technician for all your air conditioning repair needs.

» HVAC Professionals are Well Equipped

Professional HVAC technicians are equipped with the tools and equipment needed to complete any repairs on your HVAC system. Before attempting DIY air conditioning repairs, remember that certain equipment will be difficult to get your hands on.

» Saves Time

When you have an AC specialist on staff, you won’t waste time figuring out how to fix your air conditioner. You can leave the HVAC issues to the pros and focus on running your business.

» Fix Your Air Conditioning System Correctly

Certified AC specialists are well-trained and equipped to handle a variety of air conditioning systems. Since they have spent considerable time working on many AC repair issues, they can fix any problems you might face and even diagnose other issues you may not have noticed.

» Prevents Issues

Experienced HVAC technicians will be able to detect potential problems with your system before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems, saving you plenty of money in the long run.

» Safety

Many HVAC systems use harmful chemicals and gasses, and a certified technician will ensure these chemicals are handled safely and disposed of properly.

» Help in Emergencies

If your HVAC system stops working, quickly getting your system back up and running can be very important. A professional AC technician can properly get your air conditioning system back up and running quickly.

Choose Hilo Aire for All Your AC Repair Needs

There are quite a few HVAC companies in Santa Clarita. So why choose us over the rest? You should choose Hilo Aire for three main reasons: commitment, quality, and fair pricing.

  • Our Santa Clarita HVAC repair services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Before we start any work, we discuss your options, so you know what you are getting and how much it will cost. No hidden fees!
  • We are fully licensed and insured, provide accurate diagnoses, and know what to look for during repair calls, routine maintenance, and tune-up jobs.

Unlike many other heating and cooling companies in Santa Clarita, we don’t push products or services to make a buck. Instead, we’ll always offer honest advice and professional recommendations. Schedule your AC repair services today by calling (888) 445-6247 or fill out the online form. You can rest assured that our Santa Clarita AC services stand above the rest!


Is your AC not working? Here are three steps to take before calling for HVAC repair:

  • Do a Quick Electrical Check to ensure your AC is on and there’s no power outage.
  • Take a Closer Look at the Thermostat. Confirm that it is on and not out of batteries.
  • Inspect the AC System Itself. Ensure you have clean air filters and the outside air compressor is debris-free. Also, check the air vents, the AC condensate drain line, and the drain pan.

If you keep your air conditioner in good condition and well maintained over its lifetime, you can expect to replace it in about 10-15 years.

The average cost to repair an air conditioner in Santa Clarita varies depending on several factors, including the repair type, the unit type and size, the age of the unit, and the unit brand. Call Hilo Aire to provide a quote for the best AC repair cost.

The leading cause of frozen AC units is inadequate airflow, often caused by a clogged air filter or damaged air ducts.

Experts agree that you should have your HVAC system professionally serviced twice yearly.

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