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If you are in need of air conditioning or heating repair in Granada Hills, CA, give us a call– our technicians are already on the way! Call us at (888) 445-6247 or schedule service online!

Residents of Granada Hills know that an efficient, effective, and reliable HVAC or home comfort system is not only a convenience but also a necessity in both the summer and winter months. If you are looking for a HVAC company, Hilo Aire can help you beat the scorching heat or keep the winter chill at bay.

Our reliable and experienced team of HVAC specialists has everything you need to make sure that your commercial or residential HVAC system is performing optimally at all times. Rely on the best HVAC services to save on energy bills. Our trained and experienced technicians answer all questions and concerns, helping you make smart and prudent choices. Hilo Aire looks forward to helping you with your home or commercial comfort needs.


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Hilo Aire 5-Star Customer Rating Hilo Aire 5-Star Customer Rating
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Our Top-Tier Commercial HVAC Services in Granada Hills

Hilo Aire is proud to give our customers access to an impressive variety of commercial HVAC services. Our highly trained and qualified HVAC technicians provide the best customer service and workmanship whenever your business HVAC system needs to be tuned-up in order to keep it in prime working shape.

We can also install HVAC systems in commercial buildings. At Hilo Aire, we pride ourselves on our transparency and integrity, as well as our dedication to doing what is right for you. This is why we never up-sell and use high-pressure sales tactics.

» Commercial AC Installation

Are you looking for professional air conditioning installations in Granada Hills? We can install efficient and reliable high-velocity AC systems, ductless air conditioners, and hydronic cooling systems. Our reputable, trained and experienced AC installation technicians are here to ensure your commercial AC unit is installed correctly.

Our AC installation services mean we take the time to make sure our job is always done to your complete satisfaction. This is why many commercial property owners rely on our air conditioning installations for businesses.

» Commercial Heating Installation

Is your heating system or furnace more than 15 years old? Does it need frequent repairs? If yes, it’s time to replace and install a new heating system in your commercial building.

Rely on the best furnace replacement from Hilo Aire to ensure proper furnace installation in Granada Hills and nearby areas. Not only can Hilo Aire help you choose the most suitable furnace or heating unit for your commercial property or office, but it also provides a professional installation at a reasonable price.

» Commercial HVAC Installation

If your utility bills are increasing, or you have been looking for a new and more reliable commercial HVAC system installation in Granada Hills, it may be time to give our HVAC team a call. A properly installed HVAC system will save you money on energy bills and keep your business or company working optimally all year round.

» Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for your heating and cooling system to break down completely before you call for a professional HVAC service. We provide comprehensive maintenance to make sure that you have an efficient and reliable furnace or cooling system when you need it.

As the most trusted and reliable home comfort specialist in Granada Hills, Hilo Aire can’t stress enough the importance of regular maintenance to your whole HVAC system. Maintenance and tune-up keep everything in your HVAC system working as it should.

» Commercial Ductwork

When you need ductwork services in Granada Hills, trust your local experts at Hilo Aire. Our technicians and professionals have the skills, expertise, and tools to fix most air duct issues on the spot – correctly and quickly.

When you’ve forced-air HVAC systems, you should know that the ductwork can quickly become a haven for microbes, dust, mold, and allergens. So, give us a call for regular ductwork and inspection.

» Commercial Indoor Air Quality

The quality and purity of the air in your commercial building or office is a key part of maintaining health and comfort. If your business suffers from contaminant–filled or stuffy air, give our commercial air quality specialists a call and make an appointment to find the most suitable solution to the issue.

With our indoor air quality services and simple duct cleaning, you will feel a dramatic difference in indoor air quality.

Common Causes for AC Problems

If you have ever spent a hot summer in Granada Hills in a home or business location plagued with AC problems, it is an experience you do not want to repeat. So, do not leave your summer comfort and convenience to chance and find out about the most common causes of AC problems.

» Residential Homes

  • Water Leak
  • AC Refrigerant Leak
  • Damaged Compressor
  • Dirty Filter

» Commercial Businesses

  • AC Smells Bad
  • Electrical Failure
  • Leaking Ducts
  • AC Fan Failure

Choose Hilo Aire for All Your HVAC Services in Granada Hills

We provide a variety of residential and commercial HVAC services. Hilo Aire takes care of the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating needs of all types of residential buildings and commercial businesses, such as schools, small banks, government buildings and huge outlet malls.

If you are looking for residential & commercial HVAC installation or reliable heat pumps, Hilo Aire is your convenient one-stop shop for all your residential and commercial HVAC installation and replacement needs. Contact Hilo Aire today at (888) 445-6247 to schedule your HVAC appointment!

Granada Hills HVAC Contractor Near Me

Looking for residential air conditioning installation services near me? Perhaps, you need Granada Hill heater installation services for your commercial building. When you hire Hilo Aire to perform an air conditioning and heating system installation and replacement in Granada Hills, you know you are hiring a professional HVAC contractor you can trust.

Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and if something goes wrong during the replacement or installation, you can rest easy knowing our team will always come back to make it right. For more information on HVAC installation, contact us today.

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