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Hilo Aire 5-Star Customer Rating Hilo Aire 5-Star Customer Rating

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If you are in need of air conditioning or heating repair in Santa Clarita, CA, give us a call– our technicians are already on the way! Call us at (888) 445-6247 or schedule service online!

Hilo Aire employs only the best air conditioning, furnace, and ductless AC repair technicians in Santa Clarita. Whether you are looking for installation, replacement, or maintenance for your air conditioning or heating system, you can trust Hilo Aire to deliver nothing but the best!

If you need professional HVAC services, you can’t go wrong with Hilo Aire as your local provider! Call the HVAC experts at (888) 445-6247 and schedule a service today!


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Alan LiuAlan Liu
01:55 22 Sep 23
This is the second time Hilo installed HVAC in my two houses in the West San Ferando Valley. They did excellent job in both places. Very professional. Good price.
Reynar JacintoReynar Jacinto
16:50 21 Sep 23
Hilo Aire is local to Santa Clarita which what i was looking so the AC can be fix quick. Called them in the afternoon and they were able to come the next day to fix the condenser. Which was really important since we were in the middle of a heatwave. Kept me updated and great communication!!
Will TannewitzWill Tannewitz
18:45 20 Sep 23
Highly recommend Hilo Aire. They are exactly what you would want and expect from an HVAC company. Honest, knowledgeable and fair. Chris was awesome at explaining everything and was not trying to sell us on things that we didn’t need.
Lisa MuehlhausenLisa Muehlhausen
15:55 15 Sep 23
They were so helpful and nice and answered all my questions with professionalism. I felt very cared for and will refer them to all my friends and family.
joe montanojoe montano
18:56 30 Aug 23
Great business and professional! Diagnose my AC issue fast and got it fixed in the reasonable time.
ramona propstramona propst
02:55 30 Aug 23
Hilo Aire provides top of the line service in a professional, courteous and timely manner . From the first appointment with Chad and Chris , I felt I was in good hands … all details of the job and options were presented to best fit our needs . I appreciated their patience with questions and how quickly they got us on the schedule during a heatwave and no working ac. The fantastic crew that worked on the install were professional, clean and thorough, not to mention they worked in brutal heat and always had a smile and pleasant manner . The work went as promised with excellent follow through till the end . I highly recommend Hilo Aire and they will be servicing all of our future needs .. thank you Chad, Chris, Brett, Scott, Nate and the entire crew ! You truly stand out above the rest
Matthew EatonMatthew Eaton
15:18 28 Aug 23
Chris and Brett are awesome. They replaced our entire HVAC system and zoned our upstairs and downstairs. The price was right and the they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Go with Hilo and forget the rest.
23:05 23 Aug 23
Typically, I don’t give any opinion or review in public, but I decided to make an exception for hilo aire. In July 2023, I interviewed 7 HVAC companies, and hilo aire is the only one with the engineering discipline and mindset. Besides the broken condenser installed 31 years ago, my four bedrooms had limited airflow to get cold or hot in the past. After three discussion sessions with me, hilo aire designed a cost-effective system to replace the entire HVAC unit, including the new ducting system and supply and return vents. Hilo aire people, Brett, Chris, Chad, Scott, and others have earned my adoration and respect. You will never go wrong by working with hilo aire; they have earned my strongest recommendation. Wen from Calabasas
Brittany SmithBrittany Smith
21:39 20 Aug 23
Awesome service will definitely recommend to other I s.
Chanya BlumenkrantzChanya Blumenkrantz
16:53 03 Aug 23
I think Brett/Hilo Aire was the 5th person I called when my air-conditioning died….in the middle of summer. The first 4 companies had openings 2-3 weeks away 😬. Brett was the first to say “I think I can help you today.” And he did, squeezing me into his busy schedule & showing up at my house at 6.30pm, well past his closing time. He was professional throughout & very fair in his pricing. Give him a call – you won’t regret it. Thank you, Brett.
Debbi AdlerDebbi Adler
16:43 27 Jul 23
I called Brett last Sunday afternoon because our AC was slowly dying…He had no tech available so he came to assess our AC issue within an hour. We need a new AC for sure (it’s the original from 1985!) but he was able to replace a part to get us through the next year or two at least.I am beyond impressed with the quick turnaround on this and will absolutely hire them when it is time to replace our entire system!Thank you Brett and Scott!!
Hidden GuideHidden Guide
23:55 25 Jul 23
Chad was amazing, he really took the time to explain how everything works. I met with 3 other companies to get quotes and I really felt like Hilo Aire had the technical know how behind their recommendations and was a lot more hands on. It was very clear that as a company they care, and most importantly I felt heard and that Chad had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process.

Santa Clarita, CA Most Trusted HVAC Contractor for Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Our Top-Tier Commercial HVAC Services in Santa Clarita

You can count on Hilo Aire for expert commercial HVAC services .

» Commercial AC Installation Services

Whether you want to upgrade to a modern commercial AC system or need a brand-new installation for new constructions, you can rely on Hilo Aire to deliver the service and support required to maximize your investment.

Our commercial HVAC contractors at Hilo Aire will work with you to find the best commercial AC system for your office, retail store, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial location. To learn more about our air conditioning installations for businesses, contact us today!

» Commercial Heating Installation Services

Look no further than Hilo Aire if you need Santa Clarita heater installation services for your business. Hilo Aire’s technicians have the training and expertise to install, maintain, and replace all brands and models of commercial AC and heating equipment.

Serving general contractors, architects, developers, commercial tenants, and school facilities, among others, Hilo Aire delivers uncompromising HVAC services throughout Santa Clarita and surrounding areas.

» Commercial HVAC Installation Services

Are your utility bills on the rise? Have you been looking for a highly reliable commercial HVAC system installation? It may be time to call the best rooftop HVAC installers offers, Hilo Aire.

The cost of a commercial AC installation or replacement will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size and layout of the property
  • The condition of the ductwork
  • The efficiency and brand of the AC unit
  • The option of adding zones and modern controls

When your commercial building needs a custom HVAC installation, our team at Hilo Aire can handle your project promptly and professionally. To learn more about our commercial HVAC services, call us at (888) 445-6247.

» Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

As a business, we understand that all businesses have different HVAC equipment and requirements. Our hassle-free preventive maintenance services at Hilo Aire are custom-tailored to your business’s needs. Commercial HVAC systems are a significant investment and spending a bit more money on professional maintenance will pay off in the long run. A well-maintained HVAC system will have greater energy efficiency, last longer, and suffer fewer breakdowns

Are you looking for professional commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance services? Hilo Aire has the expert solutions you need. We maintain all types of commercial ACs and heat pumps. Our hassle-free preventive maintenance services help reduce operating costs and improve your system’s efficiency. We’ll also work within the boundaries of your schedule, offering service whenever it is most convenient to you.

» Commercial Ductwork Services

When you have a major HVAC ductwork replacement or retrofit on your hands, you need help from an experienced commercial HVAC contractor. Hilo Aire offers commercial ductwork installation as well as commercial and residential duct cleaning services in Santa Clarita.

Find out why many leading contractors, developers, property owners, and facility managers choose Hilo Aire as their HVAC specialist.

» Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Our industry-leading team of indoor air quality specialists can perform an intensive analysis of your commercial HVAC system to manage, improve or modify your ventilation and indoor air quality.

Hilo Aire offers indoor air quality HVAC services for various industries, including:

  • Corporate offices
  • Malls
  • Schools
  • Data centers
  • Law firms

Talk with us about your IAQ needs, and we’ll design a customized solution for your commercial building

Common Causes for AC Problems

Here are the most common air conditioning related problems that homeowners and business owners deal with:

» Residential Homes

1. AC Running Constantly

If your AC runs nonstop, you might be dealing with a refrigerant leak, leaky air ducts, or a broken blower motor.

2. AC Not Turning On

If your AC won’t turn on and you’ve correctly set your thermostat, you have probably tripped the circuit breaker.

3. AC Blowing Hot Air

If your AC is blowing hot air, and you haven’t set your thermostat to heat, your unit’s refrigerant levels might be low.

4. AC Refrigerant Leaking

A refrigerant leak results from tiny holes or cracks in the coils. If a maintenance specialist can’t patch the holes, you might have to replace the coils

5. AC Turning On and Off Repeatedly

If your AC unit turns on and off repeatedly, it’s probably experiencing short cycling, and you need to call an HVAC specialist.

6. A/C System Freezing

A dirty air filter is likely the issue if your HVAC system keeps freezing. Also, ensure that your AC is not low on refrigerant.

7. Air Conditioner Tripping Circuit Breaker Repeatedly

If the circuit breaker repeatedly trips after a while, one of the parts inside your AC is probably broken.

8. Strange Smells Coming From System

If your AC emits a stale or musty odor around the house, it could result from a leak somewhere in the system.

9. Weird Noises Appearing Suddenly

Unusual or unexplained noises could indicate that something is wrong within the unit

» Commercial Businesses

1. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Just like in residential HVAC systems, dirty air filters and low refrigerant levels are the leading cause of frozen evaporator coils

2. AC Fuse is Blown

If there is no problem with your AC power supply, but the A/C unit outside is not doing anything, then your AC fuse is blown

3. Blower Runs Constantly

If your blower is running nonstop, your commercial AC unit is either too small or unable to match the thermostat settings

4. Thermostat Issues

If your thermostat’s display is dark, the batteries have probably died.

5. Leaky Compressor

If the fluid leaks out of your commercial AC compressor, you may hear weird noises and rattling as the compressor runs dry.

6. Dirty Condenser Coils

Is your HVAC system suddenly unable to provide adequate cooling to your structure? Check for a dirty condenser coil.

7. Inefficient Burner

When your furnace burners get clogged with dust and debris, your heating system loses efficiency and works harder, using more energy.

Our Premier Residential HVAC Services in Santa Clarita

Our comprehensive residential HVAC services include:

» Air Conditioning Installation Services

Need Santa Clarita air conditioning installation services? Your local HVAC experts at Hilo Aire are here to help with your AC Installation needs! Hilo Aire is the most trusted provider of HVAC installations. We set ourselves apart from the competition by pairing our expert AC installations with unrivaled customer service.

Quit your search for “Air conditioning installation services near me,” and call (888) 445-6247 today!

» Heating Installation Services

At Hilo Aire, we don’t just install and replace HVAC systems. We also provide premium quality furnace installation.

Here are several signs that you need furnace replacement:

  • The furnace is approaching 15 to 20 years
  • Furnace repair frequency and cost
  • Decreased comfort
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing.
  • Strange furnace noises

Our experts at Hilo Aire have an A+ in home comfort, so you can rely on them for quality heating installation services.

» HVAC Ductwork Services

Air ducts are a pivotal part of a home’s HVAC system that homeowners often overlook. We offer a full range of ductwork services at Hilo Aire, including duct installations, replacements, rerouting, reconstruction, and so much more. Call our ductwork experts today from Hilo Aire for superior quality ductwork services in Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities.

» HVAC Installation Services

When you require HVAC installation services, you shouldn’t skimp and let just any HVAC company put in your new unit. That’s where the experts from Hilo Aire Come in. Besides the fact we have the expertise and credentials to back up our quality AC installations, we’ll give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Learn more about our residential and commercial HVAC installations by calling (888) 445-6247 or filling out our brief online form!

» HVAC Replacement Services

With the year-round warm climate of Southern California, it is essential to work with a reputable team of Santa Clarita HVAC installers that you can trust to ensure your system is running at its best!

You can rely on Hilo Aire for:

  • High-efficiency products
  • Flexible financing
  • Long-term warranties
  • Professional service

Call Hilo Aire today if you need professional HVAC replacement services. We offer AC installs for all major name brands.

» HVAC Maintenance Services

When it comes to HVAC, prevention is the best idea if you’re looking to avoid air conditioning failures and high repair costs. Professional HVAC maintenance is critical if you want to keep your system in peak shape as it allows our pros to clean, calibrate, and protect your system from wear.

Hilo Aire offers professional HVAC maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about how our annual HVAC service can help you save money and avoid stress!

» Heat Pumps Services

Hilo Aire is your trusted source for comprehensive heat pump services in Santa Clarita, CA, and the surrounding areas. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in HVAC systems, we are your go-to choice for all your heating & cooling needs.

Our services cover everything from heat pump installation to maintenance and repairs. Contact us today if you need heat pump services in Santa Clarita, CA and surrounding areas.

» Indoor Air Quality Services

Unpleasant odor in your home? Feeling sick and don’t know why? At Hilo Aire, we offer a full range of indoor air quality services and systems at affordable prices.

Locally and family-owned and operated, Hilo Aire takes a personalized approach to your home’s air quality needs. Rather than use generic recommendations and high-pressure sales, we complete accurate testing and offer various options.

Call Hilo Aire for the best indoor air quality services in Santa Clarita.

Choose Hilo Aire for All Your HVAC Services in Santa Clarita

Several things set Hilo Aire apart from the competition. Our dedication to high-quality HVAC system design and implementation is only one reason why so many residential and commercial customers choose us to handle their heating and cooling needs.

Choose us for:

  • Fast and flexible service from trusted technicians
  • Guaranteed on-time service
  • 24/7 Response
  • Transparent pricing
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Give us a call today at (888) 445-6247 and experience the Hilo Aire difference for yourself!

Santa Clarita HVAC Contractor Near Me

When you need reliable and professional heating and air conditioning services, trust the team at Hilo Aire. We’ve been doing this for 31 years, so you can relax knowing you’ll have fantastic service. Choose Hilo Aire for prompt, reliable, and guaranteed HVAC services . Give us a call at (888) 445-6247 or contact us online today!

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