General HVAC

We like to put it this way: you wouldn’t drive 100,000 miles without changing the oil in your car. Therefore, we don’t recommend putting your HVAC system through hundreds or even thousands of hours of work without a proper tune-up. We recommend an annual tune up for your air conditioner in the springtime and then for your furnace in the fall so that your system is ready to go when you need it.

A heat pump is a machine that collects ambient thermal energy from the air outside, condenses it, and then carries it indoors where it can be used to heat your home. In warmer weather climates like Southern California, these systems have been shown in numerous studies to save homeowners a significant amount of energy while also completely doing away with carbon-based emissions that come from burning fuel.

Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient and effective at heating homes. In warm-weather climates like ours here in Southern California, this makes them a great alternative to gas fueled or electric powered furnaces. We recommend considering a heat pump the next time you have to replace your heater—they can be easily retrofitted into almost any home with a central heating system already installed.
Not all air conditioners are built equal, and not all air conditioners operate in the same conditions or with the same care regimen as others. However, you can generally expect your air conditioner to last around 20 to 25 years before it will need replacement. Well-kept air conditioners will often last as much as 30 years, while poorly-maintained systems may need replacement in as little as 15 years.
Unfortunately, there is no straightforward or easy answer to this question because every air conditioner in every home is going to be different. Some air conditioners can be reasonably repaired and continue to operate without issue. Other air conditioners aren’t worth repairing either due to the nature of the repair or the age of the air conditioner. We recommend having your system professionally inspected for a more definitive answer.